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The wooden packaging industry is a dynamic, evolving, and ever-changing network of businesses and business models. The only constant is change. Whenever NWPCA staff travels to visit members, they always return with interesting stories on how people originally got into the pallet business, what they do outside the pallet industry and, what they expect for business through end of 2016.

Ray Gutierrez, President/CEO, Commercial Lumber & Pallet

How are general business conditions? What do you expect through year-end?
Generally Speaking, I feel that this year will be very similar to last year, which would be great. Presently, I am anticipating upward pressure on pricing though, as lumber mills in the Pacific Northwest continue to struggle for logs.

How did you get started in the pallet business?
Commercial Lumber was established in 1941 and was heavily involved in heavy engineering and industrial grade lumber. When Governor Pat Brown came into office, he didn’t see the need for this type of infrastructure in the State of California at the time. Before things came to a significant halt, and much research was needed in the alternate industries involving wood, we decided to get involved in the pallet business. We completed that expansion in 1974, and changed our name to Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company.

What is on your desk right now? Operations? Expansion plans? Customer concerns? Opportunities?
Knudsen Cottage Cheese, Road and Track Magazine, sawmill lumber offerings and my current in-house Rail Car Report.

What do you do when you’re not at work? If you weren’t in the pallet business, what would you be doing?
I work from home. And if I wasn’t in the pallet business, I would be looking for a job!

You can read the entire publication HERE.

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