CLC-PPI-Web-Photos-1A Team Approach To Servicing Your Needs

The Goal of Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company, Inc. is to provide you with utmost in product quality, customer service, and reliability at all times. We will do this by maintaining our versatility, by empowering all employees involved with the knowledge necessary to maintain quality, by continuing our team approach to all issues involving your company, and by providing an open line of communication at all times. Lastly, Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company, Inc., and all of our employees, will remain dedicated to servicing your needs and assisting you achieve your goals at all times.

History of Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company, Inc.

1941 – Established in 1941 as Commercial Lumber Company, wholesale Lumber Company in the greater Los Angeles area.
1973 – Plans to expand into pallet manufacturing begin. Property purchased in City of Industry California, developed,
and equipped with a complete milling facility.
1975 – Opened City of Industry facility with complete milling facility.
Renamed to Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company, Inc.
Added pallets as a commodity.
Company started with 22 employees and now employs over 250 people and operates 3 shifts.
1987 – Established an additional location in the City of Indio, California, primarily to service the agricultural market
in the Coachella Valley and Yuma, AZ.
2000 – Established Priority Pallet, Inc as an affiliate company in the City of Beaumont to further our expansion goals
and needs, to better service our customers.
Currently employs 130 people and growing
2001 – Closed Indio Facility

Facts about CLC Pallets:

  1. Two locations available to provide service to the Western United States.
  2. 10-12 million board feet of lumber inventory maintained at all times.
  3. 8-10 million board feet of lumber processed, assembled and shipped on a monthly basis.
  4. Complete Milling facility at our Industry location, which allows us to manufacture to our customer’s
  5. Pick up or delivery from all locations available.
  6. Over 300 valuable employees and 31 acres to process our products. Average employees length
    of service (not to include Priority Pallet) 11 years.!!
  7. Registered as a minority owned company through the Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier
    Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission.
  8. Both locations are proud to be 100% Recyclable.