Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company backs responsible procurement with SFI Certified Sourcing

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City of Industry, California As part of its broad commitment to the corporate social responsibility, Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company announced today it has meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative© (SFI) lumber sourcing requirements at its City of Industry location.

The SFI certified sourcing label tells consumers at least two-thirds of Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company’s lumber comes from a company certified to the procurement requirements of the SFI 2010-2014 Standard, a third party certified forest and/or from pre- or post-consumer recycled sources. There is also a risk assessment of any raw material from outside of North America to avoid controversial sources such as illegal logging operations.

“We know our customers care about how forests are managed”, stated Ray Gutierrez, President-CEO of Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company. “SFI certified sourcing tells them our products are made with fiber from responsible sources—and our procurement practices are third party audited”. “With SFI certified sourcing, Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company, and our customers, show we support improved forestry practices and strong communities across North America.”

Through its certified sourcing, the independent, non-profit SFI program stands apart from other certification programs by addressing the fact that 90 percent of the world’s forests are not certified. An SFI certified sourcing label tells consumers that lumber in a product is from legal and responsible sources, regardless of whether the forest is certified.

“By meeting SFI certified sourcing requirements, Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company joins a growing number of companies with an audited process that tells customers they are buying products from responsible sources,” said SFI President and CEO Kathy Abusow.

Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company was established in 1941. They manufacture and recycle new and used wooden pallets. They have two locations, City of Industry and Beaumont California.

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